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Creating technological harmony…

Why Start a Discussion This Way?

Because we have been YOU. We were raised in, on, around and eventually managed law firms. And having been behind the “name on the door” for decades, we know who you will talk to and who you won’t. Which is why if you’re reading this from a firm computer right now, you probably are a member of category.

Like you, we still shudder at the thought of telephone calls from a dreaded “V” (vendor). We have blocked our calls too.

Why are we glad you are Here?

It’s simple. Unless you see us giving a Continuing Legal Education course, or at a Bar Conference, or maybe at an Association of Legal Administrators convention, we won’t get the chance to meet.  You’re busy doing what you do.  And so are we.  And if you made it this far, then a few more paragraphs won’t hurt at all.

The world of LAW, despite the TV shows, is not always associated with ORDER.  And the business of law has, for decades been slow to change.  But the conceptual needs are the same.  You know that as well as you recognize what that “accordion thing”is.

That’s where we come in.  We are not “the tech guys” who fix the computers, although we have those skills.  We’re not a specific software retailer – although we have many relationships with them, know the developers, and some of us are even past employees.  We’re not the billing software sales reps – but we have designed the invoices and the chart of accounts.  We are not the generic training troop with a fits-all package, but we have directed more than 2,000 custom crafted classes for the legal profession, with and without CLE credit.

Who are we?

We’re your favorite contact at the big law firm who have been faced with all those problems.   We’ve stayed up all night on trial prep printing issues.  We’ve responded to requests for productions on Christmas night.   We’ve ripped out the telephone system at the whim of the name on the door.  We’ve made e-billing work.  We’ve stood in for Chief Information Officers.  And we’re still on speed dial for clients going back as much as twenty years.

More importantly, we know where the holes usually are:  the inefficiencies in document editing, the duplication of effort of the same contact info in hundreds of places, the nightmare of capturing costs and billing, and the huge mistake of not looking at things holistically – resulting in clunky processes, overpriced “systems,” and the wrath of a named partner when the draw fund has been depleted by “money saving technology.”

We’re the ones who will help you make sense of those proposals, and maybe offer one of our own.   We’re the ones who can show you that you already own what you need, as long as someone checks the correct options.

We are the ones who can address all THREE aspects of your needs equation.


We are passionate about what we do.

We are Mackenzie Consulting.

Allan Mackenzie, Founder

allan-mackenzieFounder Allan Mackenzie is a 30-year veteran of the legal technology world. His experience ranges from that of a former night-shift word processor to a Wall Street IT Director with a specialty in litigation technology. Recognized for his “known-nonsense to no-nonsense” approach to practice management and technology, Allan has acted as architect and implementer of successful strategies that have won the hearts and minds of management, financial and technology leaders. Regardless of his hat – Consulting Interim CIO, IT Director, Desktop Architect, Lecturer or Trainer – Allan has been able to successfully gauge and bridge gaps between legal and technology factions and create holistic solutions that move firms forward whether 1 or 600 strong.

As a former legal word processor he knows firsthand the user experience of work product. As a Microsoft Support Analyst and Worldwide Training Lead, he is steeped in the technological ins and outs of PC and server architecture, Active Directory and Application Customization. As a certified ProLaw® and TimeMatters® consultant, he “speaks database.” As IT Director and Consultant he has overseen and implemented conversions of email, document management, telephony and accounting platforms (right down to the chart of accounts). As an IT Director, he has led the charge in multiple-year litigation with discovery volumes measured in terabytes. As end-user trainer, he has demystified Word Styles and the mouse’s right-click.

Allan is a Clio Certified Product Pro, regular speaker and contributing author to legal and technology forums, and has lent his name to three national and international consultancies that focus on the technological efficiency of the legal profession.

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