Firm Administrator

You are often the hardest person to get to – your receptionist is well trained. You either wear or have worn every hat in the firm.

And therefore we doff our hats to you. All of our own Principle Partners have sat in that chair, willingly or not. And except for very interactive managing partners, there is no one like you. You have to know the nitty gritty of everything, as well as keep the bodies appropriately buried. You get to stand on both sides of any ethical firewall and still make a balanced and fair judgment, know what’s best for the firm and convince the partners that it costs money to make money.

But you also have the worrying voice in the back of your mind that just KNOWS there’s something not quite right with the last Attorney Toy request, or that anxious feeling when yet again it is Holiday Card season and no one is quite sure where the most updated mailing list is, anyway.  Not to mention having to translate that memo from IT to the Management Committee.  (When we meet, we will tell you about our favorite Administrator who managed to institute financial sanctions against any lawyer turning in their time after deadline!)

We want you, especially, to know a few things:

  • We are here to help, not sell. Compare us to an independent insurance agent. We know how to find what you NEED.
  • We know your IT person is special. And might even be related to someone who works with you.
  • And we know you are hungry for an independent eye. We can do that  in many guises – investigational or instructional.
  • Yes, we DO know where you can get your hands on skills testing software – just ask!
  • Yes, the paradigms of automation are shifting like sands beneath your feet.
  • And, with all humility, you won’t always get the best ideas from a fellow Administrator who is just as nervous as you are.
  • We want to Open Doors for you. You just have to let us in first.
  • And yes, if you’ve been to the Association of Legal Administrators National Convention, we probably HAVE met.