IT Manager

Being “IT,” whether your title is Resident Nerd or Chief Information Officer, is no longer the gleeful designation in childhood games. It means you are increasingly responsible for not only the dreaded subpoena-in-the night and all the wonderful Cyber Security issues. It means you are assumed to the be de facto expert on paragraph numbering (even though you’re not), and the arbitrator between Attorney A who is attempting to complete an online CLE class and is having choppy reception thanks to Attorney B who streams the nanny-cam around the clock. You are the Guru Of All Things Tech…

Alright, that is one of our extreme and favorite stories. But you get the point. You lack sleep from worrying about data security. You would love to implement Client Relationship Management for one practice area, but you know it will be a massive project that will duplicate work already done in case management and it just does not fit the financial and efficiency goals of the firm. The operating system is sunsetting in a few months, and now people are screaming that their personal handheld needs to be linked to the firm.

We have had your job. And, bless you, fear not – we don’t want it. But we would love to help! Making you look good makes us look good.

Over the past decades our former IT Directors have planned and help direct:

  • Customized Microsoft Office Rollouts
  • Conversions of Email Systems
  • Implementations of Document Management and Assembly
  • Coordination of the relationships between Accounting and Partnership Management
  • Combining Business Resumption and Cloud Initiatives into single Cost Saving Plans
  • Prying WordPerfect® Out Of Their Warm Living Hands
  • The Reduction of Document Creation and Formatting from Hours to Minutes