Mid-Large Size Firms

We have worked with firms over 150 years old, and we have worked with firms where the name on the door hung it there herself.

We know that you know it takes more than an amazing Law School experience or a personality that could only be dreamed up by John Grisham. It takes common sense, an ability to move swiftly yet cautiously through the environment to which your target market has recently adapted. You know that if it hadn’t been for E-Mail, you could function on IBM Selectrics if the mood hit you – whether you love your iPhone or not.

But now the unthinkable has happened. Someone has dared to move YOUR cheese – not your client’s. One by one court systems are dropping all paper filing. Clients are demanding to have edit-rights to some of their documents. Large business clients are having the unmitigated nerve to dictate terms. (Imagine how WE felt when a VERY large bank announced IT was hiring temporary document review attorneys for US, and no markup! We had to feed and house them, but we couldn’t even choose them?!)

  • Let’s just say it once and get it over with. It is now, truly, the BUSINESS of Law that has the focus, Atticus Finch or not.
  • For decades, efficiency was a mumbled topic. Most costly practices could be “billed into nothingness.”
  • But now the market is flooded with legal warm bodies. Contract Document Review Attorneys go for as little as $50.00/hr
  • The competition, pedigree or no, is waving dangerous words around. Imagine “Flat” and “Fee” in the same sentence?
  • Did you know that simple tweaks in the way the firm uses Microsoft Word could cut editing time in half?
  • Did you know that many of today’s firm accounting packages will report, without staff involvement, directly to your desktop?
  • Did you know that terms like CLOUD are more than just mobility freedom? They can be pre-paid disaster recovery?
  • Do you know how to survive a Production Request (or, heaven forbid, a subpoena) with a few clicks of the mouse?
  • Want to know how ignoring the previous bullet point cost one firm six figures?

Would you care to know how we helped turn one firm’s secretarial pool into BILLABLE LEGAL ASSISTANTS?

We invite you to contact us and just chat about who you are and where you are headed. We enjoy road (and ego) trips!