Solo / Small Firm

Whether you hung your own shingle immediately upon acceptance to the bar, or became master of your own domain (you’ve bought one, right?) after serving someone else’s, you now know what it means to control your own destiny.

And run accounting, manage client relationships, receive and process discovery, the joys of creating a Table of Authorities, choose a phone system, create and promote your web page, preserve emails on a matter-by-matter basis, meet filing deadlines, research court rules and e-filing. As well as the fact that law schools seldom teach the business of law.

The truly amazing thing is that NOW really IS your time. It’s never been better. At least from a technology standpoint. But before you go running around yelling “DropBox is Awesome,” consider a few of these thoughts:

  • There are cloud-based solutions for many things. And many simply are not sanctioned by the BAR or Malpractice Insurance.
  • There are many packages that offer you one solution for all your needs – why are you buying more than one?
  • You can have as many as 5 licenses of Microsoft Office WITH your own email server for as little as $13.00/month
  • You can afford real BIG firm tools such as Document Management and Assembly without the headaches like $3,000.00 servers
  • You can receive funds electronically to Trust Accounts and Operating Accounts easily and safely.
  • If you re-use old documents and re-format them for each client, boy, howdy can we save you time!
  • You don’t know what you don’t know (isn’t that pithy?)

We can work with you on a slow, steady, affordable pace to streamline your existence.