Our Staff

Thomas Huson, Partner

Partner Thomas Huson is a recognized CIO/IT Director with over 20 years of firm administration under his belt. Recently rejoining the world of consulting after over a decade of rapid expansion firm management, Thomas brings with him exhaustive experience in holistic, whole firm automation, data sharing and security.

In the role of Director since 1995, Thomas has both witnessed and managed the independent applications to attack specific areas of law firm automation and has designed and pushed for consolidation of information and the ease of access we are beginning to experience today. From Accounting to Document and Case Management, he has followed and lead the legal community, mastering packages such as ProLaw, Time Maters, Legal Master, CompuLaw, Juris, LSS, WorlDox, Hummingbird, iManage (Interwoven), Case Logistx, CaseMap Suite, Concordance, iPro, Summation, Net Documents, and Clio.

As regional director of a nation-wide legal technology consultancy, Thomas has played significant roles in both small and large firm automation and conversions from 6 to 600 member firms in areas such as Microsoft Exchange conversions, SQL imports and redesigns, document management migrations and upgrades for scores of firms and corporate legal departments from California to New York, Oregon to Florida. He is also experienced in server virtualization, multiple office data replication and co-location and IP Telephony.

Based in Reno, Nevada.

Experts we Work With

Mackenzie Consulting is proud and honored to be involved with many of the Legal Technology Community’s best and brightest. Ranking high among those are the incredible talents affiliated with LawTech Partners (www.lawtechpartners.com). Founded by Adriana Linares, LawTech Partners, through its affiliations and representatives, is a powerhouse of information and guidance through its blogs, publications, speaking events and all-around general availability to answer questions.

Meet the LawTech Partners!

Adriana Linares

Adriana Linares is a law practice consultant and legal technology trainer with her company, LawTech Partners. The firm’s services include consulting and training for law firms, legal departments, legal aid groups and consulting for legal technology startups.  Having spent her initial career-years at two of Florida’s largest law firms, Adriana went on to launch LawTech Partners in 2004. She is a frequent speaker at national technology conferences and a regular contributor to legal blogs and publications. Adriana has a Bachelors in Geography from Stetson University, a Masters in Corporate Communication and Technology from Rollins College, and speaks fluent Spanish. She is an IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist. Today she serves as a technology consultant to the Florida Bar; is the vice-chair of the 2016 ABA TECHSHOW board: and a board member of the ABA Law Practice Division Legal Technology Resource Center and e-Lawyering Task Force. She is a member of the advisory board for the Center for Law Practice Technology at the Florida Coastal School of Law and hosts both the New Solo podcast and The Florida Bar Podcast on Legal Talk Network.

Jason Marsh

Jason Marsh is an internet marketing expert and the founder of MARSH8, a digital marketing agency based in Orlando, FL. Jason believes in a holistic blend of digital strategy to help clients leverage the internet to grow their businesses and out-position the competition in the digital world. His digital marketing programs are based on measurable results and consistently deliver strong returns on client investments. In the legal industry, Jason and MARSH8 have developed a proven approach to internet marketing for small and mid-sized law firms; and have helped partner clients improve their online visibility to grow their practice and acquire new clients.

Ernie (Ernie The Attorney) Svenson

Ernie Svenson is a New Orleans commercial litigator who spent 15 years practicing law in a big firm, totally dependent on secretaries and paralegals to manage bulky paper files. Then he learned the secret of paperless lawyering, which led him to go out on his own and create a practice so smooth and efficient that it practically ran itself.

Now, as a nationally recognized speaker, author, and blogger, he helps fellow lawyers harness that same stunning “automation power” to cut overhead, boost profits, attract ideal clients, and easily outmatch snooty big firm adversaries. You too can adopt Ernie’s system, even if your current tech skills are limited to sending and receiving emails. In fact, if you passed the bar you can easily learn it in a matter of hours, without disrupting your practice in any way.