Our Staff

Thomas Huson, Partner

Partner Thomas Huson is a recognized CIO/IT Director with over 20 years of firm administration under his belt. Recently rejoining the world of consulting after over a decade of rapid expansion firm management, Thomas brings with him exhaustive experience in holistic, whole firm automation, data sharing and security.

In the role of Director since 1995, Thomas has both witnessed and managed the independent applications to attack specific areas of law firm automation and has designed and pushed for consolidation of information and the ease of access we are beginning to experience today. From Accounting to Document and Case Management, he has followed and lead the legal community, mastering packages such as ProLaw, Time Maters, Legal Master, CompuLaw, Juris, LSS, WorlDox, Hummingbird, iManage (Interwoven), Case Logistx, CaseMap Suite, Concordance, iPro, Summation, Net Documents, and Clio.

As regional director of a nation-wide legal technology consultancy, Thomas has played significant roles in both small and large firm automation and conversions from 6 to 600 member firms in areas such as Microsoft Exchange conversions, SQL imports and redesigns, document management migrations and upgrades for scores of firms and corporate legal departments from California to New York, Oregon to Florida. He is also experienced in server virtualization, multiple office data replication and co-location and IP Telephony.

Based in Reno, Nevada.